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Juice fasting is on the rise. The idea behind it is simple. Get yourself from fresh, organic, naturally and locally grown produce and juice them, skins and all. Then you drink the juice and supposedly get all the nutrients and vitamins right out of it without taking in nearly as many calories. This is an extremely calorie restricted diet that emphasizes how many vitamins and nutrients your body is going to get. The idea is, who needs calories when you’ve got all of this going for you? The question then is whether or not you’re really getting everything they claim you are. Are You Eating More Veggies First of all, we need to establish that whether or not you’re getting “more” is a very relative term. If you’re a red meat and potatoes kind of guy, then you’re definitely going to be getting more vitamins and nutrients because you’re going to be getting more veggies in you than you normally

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