4 Items to Never Buy in Bulk

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People have had to resort to buying things in bulk as of late. It’s not that there’s some crisis going on in our backyard, it’s just smarter. But what’s not smarter is to buy a food or item in bulk just because it’s in bulk. There are certain things that don’t save you time, effort, or money when you buy more of them. Keep your shopping list free of these sneaky devils by avoiding these four items in the bulk department of your shopping grounds.


Everyone wants to be healthier while saving money and that’s just a hard game to win at. So people try to buy nuts in bulk so that they can have a lot of it around to snack on while still staying healthy. It’s admirable, but it’s also not the smartest thing to do. The thing is that nuts have oil, and oil can spoil. This little mantra is true for everything from hazelnuts to almonds. If you’ve got them in their shells then you can expect six months, but a naked nut can only go four months without going rancid.

Cleaning Products

Don't Buy Cleaning Products In Bulk
Don’t Buy Cleaning Products In Bulk
Any cleaning products that you might be thinking of getting that contain bleach are not worth buying in bulk. The bleach in the product will only actually last for six months, so if you’re not going to be doing some hardcore cleaning or have a big family then it’s not going to be worth it. You’ll essentially be using a fancy water to try and get the germs to run away because it loses all potency after that.


Spices Go Bad
Spices Go Bad
This is one that is way too easy to fall for. The large, plastic jars of spices out there appeal to everyone with how incredibly cheap they are. Why in the world would you bother buying the smaller, glass bottles? First of all, those glass bottles with their screw on lids often do a way better job of keeping everything sealed in tight so that the spices stay fresh. Secondly, you’re not going to use that much paprika. This is another case where you think it’s a better deal because bigger for less money means more savings. But you’re actually wasting a lot of it. Spices tend to stay good for around six months, after that time they lose their potency and any health benefits that they might contain.


Soda doesn’t have a short shelf life, so what’s the deal? Well it goes into two naughty sections of bulk buying: it’s too bulky for easy storage and it doesn’t save you money. Stores will run ads on a few brands at a time to tempt customers, but the truth of the matter is that when you buy soda in bulk you’re probably missing a deal elsewhere. Soda is so easy and cheap to make that there are knock-off brands that hit the nail on the head with taste but don’t get the big ad spots because they aren’t name brand. So while you’re buying a 24 cent can of the name brand stuff in a group of 18 you’re missing out on the 20 cent can from its distant cousin. This is about more than a numbers game and more about falling for advertising.


When you’re buying in bulk it can be hard to remember what not to buy. Lists are useful, but if they go on too long they end up hindering more than helping. So try to remember these few tips to get you the best value for your dollar.

Bulky buying is not helpful. If you have nowhere to store it all then don’t get it.

Just because there’s more doesn’t mean it’s cheaper. Check the per ounce or pound pricing too.

Finally, make sure the shelf life is long if you’re buying in bulk. There’s nothing worse than accidentally wasting money when you’re trying to be frugal.